Spring 2022 COUTURE


Inspired by 1980 and futuristic.

Growing up wanting to be a fashion designer,

I spent my childhood with my father's favorite science fiction movies and would often imagine what people might have worn in the distant future...

This collection "Metamorphosis",

which represents my growth, the transformation of humans into future human beings, the connection between future and past, technology and human, real and unreal, and other propositions.

#Girl from the future

#Made in Paris

At first, I named the collection Dystopia.

Inspired by the era of rapid development in the 80s, as the high speed of development made people look forward to the future, but also bred a series of hidden social problems.

While envisioning a bright blueprint for the future, will carefree and reckless human development behavior eventually lead us to a utopian world or a dystopia world?

Just like the pandemic we just experienced, while we carefree enjoy the social progress brought by the ever-changing high technology, the pandemic strikes us helpless and exposes even more the fragile social and medical system being overwhelmed.

The concept of Dystopia is to remind people of the need to look back on history and allow a breathing space to avoid making the same mistakes while developing at a fast pace, and not to let the hidden social problems lead us to the end times once they break out.

It is important for me as a designer to inherit the culture - Coming from Southern China, Guangzhou, I use a Chinese traditional embroidery technique which is from our local wedding dress in this fur jacket, combined with futuristic theme to innovate the pattern, and add fur to reflect the 1980's silhouette. I hope that more and more people will treasure our centuries-old craft.

Historically, the cloud motif symbolizes blessing, echoing the 1980's when was developed at a high speed and people were full of hope for the future.


Charlotte Liu Chelsea Wong


Victoria Pinto


Chelsea Wong


Alicia Zhang